At Scott Psychological Centre, our Psychologists provide Counselling and Psychotherapy in a soothing, private, and safe environment

Our psychologists are trained to do therapy and counselling on the following issues:

  • Anxiety & Depression Psychotherapy

    Anxiety and Depression CounsellingTechniques to treat anxiety & depression includes, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), biofeedback, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and journaling. Other strategies developed by research in positive psychology are used e.g. "The Three Miracles" involving exercises in being grateful.

  • Stress, Pain, Anger Management

    Stess Mindfulness therapyAll three conditions can be managed by learning self-regulation skills i.e. improving your control of the mind-body system. Yoga and mindfulness meditation are specifically emphasized as ways to increase self-regulation. Assertiveness training and conflict resolution are useful for anger management.

  • ADHD Diagnosis & Treatment

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder treatmentOne of the first psychological treatment approach for Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is psycho-education where the client learns the surprising ways ADHD affects adult functioning. This includes intimate relationships and vulnerability to addictions of various kinds. Another counselling approach helps the client improve their self-regulation skills by learning mindfulness techniques e.g. meditation. Meditation along with stress management, can be helpful in treating the mood disorder and anxiety that commonly occurs in ADHD.

  • Child Behavioural and Emotional Issues

    Child Mental WellbeingRaising children is a complex process. It can be rewarding at times, yet it can also be difficult, challenging, and frustrating. Every parent is forced to confront issues of discipline across the stages of their child's development. Tantrums, noncompliance, talking-back, arguing, sharing issues, fears or separation anxiety are some problems that can occur. Understanding your child's behavioural and emotional problems and learning how to manage them positively will help your child develop self-regulation skills, independence, confidence, as well as promote positive parent-child relationships.

  • Neuropsychological Assessment

    Neuropsychological AssessmentA neuropsychological assessment is a comprehensive assessment that understands the relationship between an individual's neurological and medical condition and his/her cognition, emotion, and behaviour. These conditions can be congenital and/or acquired (e.g., epilepsy, head injury, stroke, hypoxia, to name a few). The assessment evaluates the individual's intellectual functioning, attention, learning, memory, executive functioning, visuo-spatial and perceptual skills, emotional wellbeing, and behaviour.

  • Psycho-Educational Assessment

    Psycho-Educational AssessmentIs your child having difficulties keeping up academically? Have his/her teachers raised concerns about his/her progress, motivation, or the difference between your child's potential for learning and the actual academic performance? A psycho-educational assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s learning profile that understands his/her areas of learning strengths and weaknesses and identifies if there is learning disorder (e.g., ADHD, Dyslexia, etc). By understanding your child’s learning needs, appropriate recommendations can be made

  • Parenting issues

    Parenting counsellingParents often second guess themselves if they are doing the right thing. This is even more so for parents who are faced with children displaying difficult and challenging behaviours. They can be helped through psychoeducation to understand a child's developmental stages and the unique character of each individual child. Issues of the parents' own attachment and sense of security will be explored in order to help them tune in better to the attachment needs of their children. Cognitive methods of intervention will also be applied to challenge self-defeating thoughts about their own parenting skills and enable a more positive, pro-active and energetic approach.

  • Learning Difficulties

    caregiver stressIs concentrating over a longer period a difficulty for you? Is someone in your family struggling with reading out loud and writing an essay or tackling a math problem? Does your child struggle with school? While every kid has trouble with homework from time to time, if a certain area of learning is consistently problematic, it might indicate a learning disorder. By creating a strong support system for children with learning disabilities and helping them learn to express themselves, deal with frustration and work through challenges, you will be focusing on your child's growth as a person.

  • Codependence Counselling & Therapy

    Codependency CounsellingCodependence is also known as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). Specialized techniques are used such as inner child work, biofeedback, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and journaling. Dr. Scott has learned various techniques used for persons with codependence through attending workshops at the Meadows Institute conducted by Pia Mellody.

  • Grief Therapy

    Grief CounsellingAlthough one usually associates grieving with loss due to death, there are in fact various reasons for grieving; one relatively frequent reason is loss due to the end of an intimate relationship. For uncovering road blocks to successful grieving, existential and supportive psychotherapy are usually helpful.

  • Third Culture Kids

    Third Culture KidsThird Culture Kids (TCK) are individuals that move between cultures before they have had the opportunity to fully develop their personal and cultural identity. Being a TCK can bring about challenges such as developing a sense of belonging, commitment and attachment to a culture. These factors play a strong role in one's self-esteem and identity. By supporting TCKs in their social and emotional well-being holistically, we can help them to realize benefits such as cultural intelligence or cross-cultural competence.

  • WISC-V IQ Test

    Third Culture KidsWe administer the Wechsler intelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition (WISC-V), which assesses a child's cognitive abilities including concept formation, visual spatial processing, inductive reasoning, working memory, and speed of information processing. IQ assessments are generally conducted for children between the age of 6 and 16 if parents require additional information on their child's educational or psychosocial functioning. For example, intelligence tests may help to diagnose any learning disabilities your child may face. An IQ assessment is also necessary for entry to special needs school in Singapore.

  • Sexuality issues Counselling

    Sexuality counselingAn integrative therapeutic approach is taken (i.e. an integration of biological, psychological, relational and contextual information). This bio-psycho-social approach has been found to be helpful in treating sexual problems such as lack of desire, erectile dysfunction, and problems achieving orgasm. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual (LGBT) issues are often helped by counselling aimed at empowering the individual to lead a fulfilling life in the face of stressors such as social stigmatization and discrimination.

  • Caregiver Stress

    caregiver stressProviding care to a spouse, elderly parent or family member suffering long term illness or dementia is often a distressing experience. The caregiver has to endure high levels of stress, lowered sense of well-being and a host of negative emotions. The practice of mindfulness has been found to be helpful in enabling caregivers to be more reflective thereby allowing them to tap into a wider range of coping skills. Mindfulness based exercises leads to the individual being less reactive to and judgmental about upsetting thoughts and emotions. This can be combined with a cognitive-behavioural approach to enhance problem solving abilities, challenge their negative thoughts and assumptions and reengage in positive aspects of life.

  • Career Counseling

    Parenting counsellingDo you feel stuck in your career? Are you thinking of changing your job? Or are you in middle of a transition in your workplace and you feel you can't reach your full potential and don't see any opportunity for growth? Almost everyone experiences this at some point in their career. If an everyday task seems like a burden and not an achievement, then it might be the right time to determine if a change might be the next step in your career. Career Counseling can help you identify your potential, work on resilience techniques and analyze factors influencing your career.

  • Infidelity Counselling

    Infidelity in MarriageInfidelity is increasingly recognized as a form of trauma due to the shock from finding out that your partner had been unfaithful. Psychotherapy involves initial stabilization of emotions followed by various techniques to repair and actually improve the relationship if that is deemed appropriate.

What is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The defining characteristics of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are persistent problems with attention and, or, problems with hyperactivity which is usually combined with impulsivity.

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder beginning in childhood and generally persisting throughout the lifespan although, over the years, it may vary in severity and in which symptoms are most prominent.

The inattention can be seen in poor attention to detail, making careless mistakes, or increased forgetfulness as manifested in constantly losing things. These problems are particularly prevalent when the person with ADHD must carry out a boring routine task; it is then that he or she finds it exceedingly difficult to remain focused.

The hyperactivity can be expressed in children by intense running around or climbing, sometimes into dangerous situations e.g. busy streets. In both children and adults, the hyperactivity can be expressed by fidgeting, drumming of fingers, or repetitive tapping of feet.

Severe levels of ADHD can lead to a poor quality of life in adults and cause developmental issues in children. Fortunately there are ways to manage this condition and let you live a fulfilling life.

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is carried out when appropriate, using current standardized assessment instruments/tests e.g. the MMPI.

Other Services

Stress management programs are available for organizations

Scott Psychological Centre strongly supports self-help (12 step groups) and support groups.

What is Developmental Trauma

The Oxford Dictionary of English defines codependency rather narrowly as "excessive emotional or psychological dependence on a partner, typically one with an illness or addiction who requires support". A broader definition has been provided by Pia Mellody who is one of the pioneers in the codependency field. She describes it as the situation in which a child receives less than optimum nurturing.

Pia's definition would make nearly all of us co-dependent since no one of us to my knowledge has received optimum child-raising. It is a matter of degree of codependency. In fact, it is widely agreed that the optimum childhood is one that is "good enough", not perfect.

Serious childhood abuse or neglect can cause severe codependency (also called "Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" ) which involves a variety of serious psychological difficulties in adulthood. They include personality disorders such as Borderline Personality Disorder and other disorders such as Depression and Anxiety Disorders. Childhood abuse and neglect can also cause difficulties in forming and maintaining intimate relationships.

Personal Development Counselling / Coaching

Counselling is also available for individuals who wish to improve their ability to live positive, creative, and fulfilling lives. Some may want to remove certain psychological factors or issues that are preventing them from developing their full potential. Others may want to improve their functioning in certain specific areas e.g. to become more creative in their professional lives.

Personal development counselling would utilize, as appropriate, personality tests (NEO-PI, positive psychology's VIA Signature Strengths test), tools for self-investigation and awareness e.g. career tests, journaling, meditation; and techniques for increasing self-control and creativity e.g. Biofeedback, journaling.