Centrally Located, immaculately Designed Serviced Office for Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Counsellors & Therapists in Singapore

Serviced Clinic for Mental Health Professionals

  • Beautifully designed and comfortably furnished Consultation Rooms

    Our 5 consultation rooms are immaculately designed to support the therapy process by providing a quiet and conducive environment for your and your clients

  • Business Registration & Mailing Address

    Use our address for your ACRA registration and recieving postal mail

  • Receptionist & Waiting room

    Our receptionist will help you allocate the rooms, receive payment and schedule session.

  • Wireless Internet Access

    Enjoy free Wireless Internet Access within the Clinic

  • Electronic Invoicing System

    Our proprietary Invoicing system does away with paper receipts by keeping electronic records and sending receipts to the client's email directly.

  • Fax, Print, Scan, Copy Documents

    Printing documents is easy with our networked printer accessible wirelessly

  • Scan & Forward Postal Mail

    For a small fee, we can scan and send you your incoming letters electronically.

  • Website Services

    Need help creating your own professional website? We have an experienced web designer to help you establish your first online presence.

  • Flexible Fee Structure

    If you are just starting out, our per hour fee structure is what you need to save on renting an entire office that may not be fully utilized. Our tiered fee structure ensures that the more hours you use each month, the less hourly rate you will be charged.

Design Inspired by Nature

Our Rooms are designed by Mental Health Professionals for Mental Health Professionals. Inspired by the need for urbanites to flee the stress of city living, our therapy rooms seek to combine nature, comfort, luxury, and style to provide a quiet and safe environment for carrying out counselling.

Research have shown that a condusive environment is one of the predictors to the effectiveness of therapy.

Our therapy rooms provide a place of calm and serenity that will aid your clients in the process of recovery.

There are 5 consultation rooms in total with various decoration themes. Four of the rooms are suitably sized for individual and couples counselling work. A fifth larger space is available for multi-function purposes such as family or group therapy, as well as workshops for up to 15 people. Contact us today to take a look at the wonderful therapy space we have created.

Ideal Space for Group Therapy and Workshops

Finding a right sized space for doing group therapy can be quite challenging. Acknowledging this challenge, we have designed a space that can be converted into one specific for Group work (8-10) or configured for Workshops (12-15).

Conference chairs with side tables are available as well as a mounted projector and projector screen.

Contact us to find out how we can best facilitate your functions.

Private Sanctuary

The Clinic is located in the office tower away from the shopping crowd of Orchard.

The quiet building affords privacy for clients who desire it and the internals of our clinic is shielded from pedestrian traffic.

Fantastic Opportunity

This is a great opportunity for those who are just starting their own practice, or seeing clients part time to operate your business from a prime, centrally located clinic that is created specifically for therapy and counselling needs.

All these can be achieved for your practice without the financial risk of fixed monthly rentals and substantial investment required to set up, renovate and furnish your own office.

We handle the logistics for you so you can focus on the more important task of reaching out to your clients and the counselling work.

Our Mental Health Partners

  • Anoushka Beh Psychology

    Anoushka Beh PsychologistAnoushka Beh, MSc (MFT), BSc Hons)(UK), is a Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist & Life Coach. With over a decade of experience, Anoushka's current work with clients is informed by a number of fields, including marriage and family therapy, developmental psychology, brain-based approaches and energy psychology.

    She aims to help clients transform times of crisis and challenge into an opportunities for self growth and true empowerment. In an integrated approach, she combines her clinical expertise with various techniques including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), IFS (Internal Family Systems) techniques , Guided Visualization, EET (Emotional Empowerment Technique) and Mindfulness-based techniques. These approaches are known to be effective in bringing about lasting change with :

    • Managing Anxiety, Grief and Trauma
    • Resolving childhood wounds
    • Relationship issues
    • Transitions and adjustment
    • Career-related stress
    • Mapping out new goals for the future
    • Shifting beliefs/behaviours that are obstacles to leading a fuller life
    + Website: www.abehpsych.com
    + Email: anoushka@abehpsych.com
    + Phone: (+65) 9695 2300
  • Catalyst Counselling

    Jessica Lamb Counsellor Catalyst Counselling provides therapy for adults experiencing a wide range of emotional issues that are causing them distress & are impacting their general wellbeing. I offer a confidential, safe and unjudgemental setting, to explore your concerns, with the aim of gaining insight, recognizing & engaging strengths and restoring equilibrium.

    I work integratively and collaboratively with my clients, mindful of the subjective nature of each persons life experience and drawing from my training in psychodynamic, attachment, solution focussed, narrative, humanistic, positive psychology and trauma methadolgies.

    Below are some of the areas that Rebecca works with:

    • Depression, anxiety, low self esteem
    • Stress related issues
    • Anger management, mood swings, codependency, OCD
    • Couples in conflict, living apart together
    • Relationship/partnership conflict, LGBT issues
    • Communication breakdown in marriage, seperation, divorce, infidelity
    • Career transitions and work-related issues, moving countries
    • Adjusting to parenthood
    • Post natal depression, miscarriage, infertility issues and stillbirth
    • Grief, bereavement & loss
    • Adjustment to illness (chronic) & disability
    • Childhood/adult trauma
    • Post traumatic growth work
    + Website: www.catalystcounselling.com.sg
    + Email: rebecca@catalystcounselling.com.sg
    + Phone: (+65) 9272 0548
  • CM Psychology & Consultancy

    Claudio Moroni PsychologistClaudio Moroni is an experienced Psychologist. Claudio obtained his licence in 2002 after obtaining his Masters Degree from the internationally renowned University of Padova, Italy. He is a member of several International Psychological Associations. He has published in major scientific journals.

    Claudio has worked for a number of renowned International Humanitarian Organisations for several years. He has designed and managed psychological services for populations in distress both in natural disaster and in conflict zones. Having worked in several countries, Claudio is culturally sensitive and engages well with clients from different cultural backgrounds. He is fluent in English, Italian, French and Spanish.

    Claudio specialises in Emergency Psychology. He is trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychodynamics. He treats trauma related stress, anxiety, overwhelming emotions and thoughts, depression and psychological problems related to long-term condition. Claudio also provides couple counselling and addresses sexuality issues.

    + Email: cmpsychologyetconsultancy@gmail.com
    + Phone: (+65) 8869 8533
  • Energising Goals Coaching by Beata Justkowiak

    Beata Justkowiak CoachBeata Justkowiak, qualified Psychologist and Life Coach, she believes is that everyone is capable of being the best version of themselves. She is a person who knows the power of change and the pursuit of happiness. She listens well and people value her intuitive approach and progressive attitude. She is a member of Singapore Psychological Society and International Coach Federation.


    • Coaching - Life Coaching/Counselling sessions for individuals
    • Energising Travels – FitChillout 6-days in Bali with yoga, surfing and SlowLife Coaching
    • Energising Corporates – HR recruitment consulting and Corporate Mindfulness training
    • Energising Couples – Couple coaching to strengthen your relationship.


    • Healthy lifestyle habits
    • Creating balance
    • Building self-confidence
    • Managing stress & emotions
    • Developing strength to cope better
    • Acceptance, awareness, mindfulness.
    + Website: energisinggoals.com
    + FitChillOut
    + Email: beata@energisinggoals.com
    + Phone: (+65) 9199 7739
  • Leonardo Talpo Marriage Counselling

    Leonardo Talpo CounsellorLeonardo has helped many people recognise and use their own strengths, power and solutions to lead happier lives. Working independently in his own practice, he has several years experience as an educator and counsellor in the field of human relationships in the family and at work.

    As Marriage Counsellor he has seen many Individuals and couples for an equivalent of approx 2,000 hours. He also specialise in educating young couples in ‘the business of marriage’. Leonardo carries a Social Science Master degree in Counselling and has been living in Singapore since 1995.

    + Website: www.leonardotalpo.com
    + Email: info@leonardotalpo.com
    + Phone: (+65) 9088 0146
  • Nicholas Gabriel Lim, Psychologist

    Nicholas Lim CounsellorNicholas is a Registered Psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society, and an approved Supervisor. He is also an International Affiliate of the Australian Psychological Society. He has worked with clients from various populations, from different countries like Vietnam, India and Australia; and even from places like the Prisons, Residential Home, Faith-Based Organizations, Learning Institutions and Community Homes.

    In addition to conducting Psychological Assessments, Nicholas also does individual and group psychotherapy. He supports the families and organizations of clients by offering training and consultation sessions for them, they could include teachers, parents, youth workers, social workers, counselors, supervisors, leaders, doctors and government agencies.

    Nicholas is on the board of the Singapore Psychological Society and the Co-Founder of the Youth Work Association (Singapore). He is currently a member of the Media Literacy Council and the National Council for Problem Gambling. Both MLC and NCPG advises the Singapore Government on research, trends and developments pertaining to the Internet and Media, and Problem Gambling respectively; appropriate policy responses; and develops awareness and education programmes.

    + Website
    + Appointment
  • Professional MindWorks Center

    • We help people to release their irrational fears and to live life fully.
    • We believe in the capability of individuals' mind power and help our clients to help themselves.
    • We provide clinical hypnotherapy which can help to formulate specific internal processes that lead to beneficial outcomes for health and personal growth.
    • We work in the areas of self-esteem, anxiety, anger, stress, weight management, marriages wellness, unresolved grief issues, school refusal issues and smoking cessation etc.
    • We extend the power of subconscious mind into parenting skills – Goulding SleepTalk™ Process for Children, a two minute gift parents give their children every night that lasts a lifetime. SleepTalk™ is for people who are looking for a simple, non-intrusive self-esteem and behaviour change process for children.
    • We also provide certification course in Hypnosis and training for "SleepTalk™ for Children" Consultants.
    + Website: www.mindworks.sg
    + Email: enquiry@mindworks.sg
    + Phone: (+65) 6690 3003
  • Psychology Experts, Dr. Elefant-Yanni

    Dr. Veronique Elefant-YanniPsychology Experts provides professional support to children, adolescents, adults, couples and families under the supervision of Dr. Elefant-Yanni. Our services include psychological assessment, counseling and psychotherapy. We focus on the well-being of our patients to help them solve their personal problems, their anxiety, their suffering and the difficult times they may encounter in a safe and confidential environment. Our goal is to help our patients to enjoy life again and pursue their projects with renewed energy.

    Dr. Elefant-Yanni has over 15 years of clinical practice with patients of all ages and cultures and has developed an approach around wellbeing, avoiding labeling and medicalization. Originally from Switzerland, Dr. Elefant-Yanni holds an advanced Master in Clinical Psychology and a Doctorate in Affective Sciences from the University of Geneva. She taught Clinical Developmental Psychology at the University of Geneva and trained students to give psychological assessments to public school children. She also worked at the children and adolescent psychiatric hospital of Geneva. There, she mostly helped children and teenagers who presented various types of functioning disorders or psychological issues, as well as their parents as it is often the case when addressing complex family difficulties.

    Our Services:

    • Counselling / Psychotherapy
    • Parenting / Family Dynamics
    • Children & Learning
    • Couple Therapy
    • Gender Issue
    • Psychological Assessments
    + Website: Psychologistsingapore.sg
    + Email: dr.elefant-yanni@psychologistsingapore.sg
    + Phone: (+65) 8722 3369

Central Accessible Location

The clinic is located centrally at 360 Orchard Road, International Building, next to the Orchard Mrt Station, the clinic is easily accessible with the myriad of transportation options available.

Get In Touch with Us

If you are interested in the prospect of working from our serviced clinic, contact us at services@scottpsychologicalservices.com or 6733 8919 for more information on pricing and other inquires.